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We offer English language courses in partnership with British Council from London, UK. Also due to this partnership our students will automatically be given discounts on certain programs! We believe learning directly from the very source of the language and it’s governing body for examinations is the best way for students to learn to and improve their command of the English language for all kinds of uses. There are International exams available which once  you have passed successfully you may receive a certificate demonstrating your English Language qualification which is directly organized by UK in partnership with us. 
The English Language Is also referred to as the native language in many countries. For students that want to learn English we have English classes.
For Students that are abroad or are in the need to do long distance studies you can join the English online classes.
Your English language learning journey will be much easier with our programs accompanied also by the native English teachers holding qualifications direct from MOE accredited establishments. The lecture panel has a combined experience of 45 years in teaching which would definitely be one of the reason’s why we have been nominated as the best English language institute in the country.
We also offer translation services to businesses and individuals who need native speakers to translate their official documents may it be for submitting documents in business, product manuals, product labeling, menus, translating documents from other languages to English or vice versa for customers, etc. Please note this service is not equivalent to sworn translation but is the normal document translation.
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Thank you so much for the training sessions...I really enjoyed them and learnt a lot from them. The flexibility in session timing is very beneficial to me because of my work time. The trainers are very good at delivering the knowledge of the sessions.
Mohamed Abdelkhalek
Most of the classes have been great so far, the preparation activities are great, and the after-class activities are so helpful too. The teachers are friendly and have great ways of teaching. and the students too are always active, it felt like I'm attending F2F online classes.
Hagar Sorour
A fantastic experience with excellent teachers. A lot of material available after the lessons helped me very much. I recommend them to everybody. Thank you dear Friends.
I have really improved my english at work..They teach me how to face a meeting and write emails properly. I fully recommend this platform.
Shenani Rodrigo
Sri Lanka
The teachers are very kind and I am happy that I am improving my English very fast, now I also get better marks in school during my exams.
Sri Lanka
Before I take the IELTS Coach speaking lessons, my speaking score was 4.5. After I attended the IELTS Coach speaking classes, I got 6.5 in the speaking test (6.0 overall with 6.0 listening, 6.0 reading, 5.5 writing and 6.5 speaking). Thank you very much for offering us this fantastic opportunity; experienced teachers who give very valuable advice and teach how to apply it, excellent content which is very useful and expertly presented, a very good learning platform which is well organised and easy to use and understand, and real and effective customer support.
Bimsara Andrew
Sri Lanka
They teach in best way to improve my English. I like a lot the flexibility, the content and the teachers. I have already taken classes for 4 months and I have more confidence when I speak in English in different contexts, including at work. Also, I like to do group classes with people from around the world.
Supun Perera
Sri Lanka
audrey pereraaudrey perera
04:37 08 Oct 22
I am very happy with the Chinese trainer Lisa , she is a commited young lady and does a very good job. Hence will recommend the institute to those who wish to learn Chinese.
Kumudika MuhamdiramKumudika Muhamdiram
12:10 13 Sep 22
I am from Kegalle, I am currently doing my A Level at pinnawala central college and I took my Chinese lessons from CLTC. I started my lessons in January 2022. He was a really good teacher and I really enjoyed this class.
Arafath MohamedArafath Mohamed
06:43 02 Sep 22
I am Arafath from Kandy. And I got my university enrollment process done by CLTC higher education center. My experience with application process and enrollment was really good and the institute help me in everything and was there to advise me in every process through out the enrollment.
Sanduni DewminiSanduni Dewmini
12:40 20 May 22
Im Sanduni dewmini . My school is Rangiri Dambulla central college . I live in Dambulla . I'm in grade 12 now. I started this class a few months ago with this institute . This class has great planning and teaching methods. It is very amazing experience. The teacher teaches very well. And there is a a good communication with the students and the teacher. The organizer of this class does a good job. That person is also very closely working with the students and solve their related problems with the class. I think this is a a very good opportunity that I ever got. I wish all the best to all your works and would recommend to anyone considering to learn Mandarin to study at this Institue.Thank you 😊
Hurrish DepHurrish Dep
12:34 04 Jan 22
I'm Hurrish Dep, and I'm currently studying at NSBM for a bachelor's degree in tourism and hotel management. For the past year, Sir Wijethilaka has been my Chinese tutor. He used excellent methods to teach me Chinese, and the methods he used were both successful and interesting. We usually started class by going over what we had learned earlier, which helps me recall what we had learned previously, which is a great sign. I would certainly recommend this Chinese Language Institute to anyone interested in learning Chinese because the sessions cover all areas of the language (reading, speaking, listening, and writing). Sir, thank you so much; you are the best.
19:12 01 Jan 22
I am a student studying abroad currently, and I've attended Mr. Wijayatilake's class for about six months I think, since July 2021.Classes are very enjoyable and light while at the same time being quite informative. The environment that the teacher creates is very nice to learn in. Lessons are not based on specific aspect of chinese language such as writing, but teaches speaking, writing and listening. Nice Class.
Kishan ThilakaratneKishan Thilakaratne
19:26 02 Nov 21
I'm joining for the class from Oman. I'm working as a Chief Engineer in the hospitality industry. I have been studying Chinese since the 1st week of Jan 2021. I could say Mr. Wijayathilake is a professional Chinese language teacher, he understands the student's needs and areas to be improved and works on them. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who is keen on studying Chinese.



Our Lecture Panel

Lisa Lee - Senior Lecturer

Monica Deng - Senior Lecturer

Megan Ivy - Senior Lecturer

Sophie Yang - Lecturer

Arvi Ma - Senior Lecturer

Mei Fang- Senior Lecturer

Ma Jie - Senior Lecturer

Julia Qing - Senior Lecturer

Niki Yufei - Lecturer

Lexi Yu - Lecturer

Frank Xiaojun - Senior Lecturer

Ailing Jessica - Senior Lecturer

Why Choose Us?

We provide small group Chinese classes that are fun and effective. Each Mandarin class is designed and prepared to meet the needs of individuals and kids who want to learn Chinese. Our students range from very young kids to executives and businessmen’s. With our group Chinese class, you are assured high-quality tuition, flexibility and value. Our teachers will coach you in small effective group classes which will benefit you immensely.


Our programs are career and future centred professional programs however we do understand having paper qualifications will be useful at times hence we have integrated the HSK, Pearson/Edexcel, GCE Olevels, GCE Alevels, CIE Olevels & CIE Alevels syllabi into our curriculum and its learning requirements hence our students are capable of sitting for exams at any time the need arises.


Why are we better?

  • Our lecturers have over 315,360 hours of combined lecturing experience. 

  • The learning materials are customized to be creative and technically sound. 

  • The curriculum we follow is the Globally accepted and approved by MOE China. 
  • Our programs are carried out with partnership of the Chinese embassy & Chinese universities directly. 
  • The students who will be unable to attend due to serious reasons such as medical emergencies, etc would be given privelage of having our staff to record the lecture and share with you to cover it up before next class.
  • Exceptional students who like to make Chinese Language their future career can be sponsored by our organization for further studies In China under full scholarship to learn the Chinese Language and obtain a degree qualification.

Certified Teacher

Learn English with a Bsc qualified teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience.

English Lessons

Lessons are tailored to help you achieve your goals faster.

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Teaching Method

Get more student talk time to help you improve your English speaking skills.

Our Programs

Our programs are tailored to bring the best value for your money making sure you will benefit from the new skills you learn with us.

The CLTC Institute Advantage

Students that join & graduate from our training center get exclusive perks besides the best education such as;

1.Discounts on products from vendors such as Aliexpress, Daraz, etc

2.Access to job opportunities made available as employers reachout to us

3.Recommendation of exceptional students that need to enter the Job market or want an upgrade in career by our center to known contacts such as MD’s, CEO’s, Senior HR Staff, Group Managers etc.

4.Assitance with full process for admission & discounts to study abroad in several countries at our partner universities.

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