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If you are looking for an Individual class we have 2 options that is the 1hour and 2hour class types which you may book as per the availability shown in calendar for Individual classes only. When selecting the option you may notice symbols like x 3 and x 4 this is indicating the number of classes for which you are paying, for example x 3 would me the amount you are paying is equal to 3 classes. The class will repeat on your selected date continously as per the goal/target you want to achieve. If Interested to recieve certification after studies with us you will have to do the official chinese exam conducted by China through us and get certificate direct from China.

Most of the common reasons to attend Chinese classes;

1.To do business with China.
2.Obtain good job offers/promotions.
3.Help school/university students who study Chinese as a subject.
4.To study in China for all majors (Eg:- MBBS, Engineering, IT etc)


This one needs only be booked in your first time joining with us and once you have joined for future payments we will create a new payment link for you to get the class links or class confirmations.


        1. Many student have asked how to make payment as it seems a bit complex so we have made this step wise instruction;If you select Pay Using Visa/MasterCard and more;

        Method 1;

        1. First go to this link by copy paste it or just click it
        2. Then create your account there (For this method person that pays or student can create it and use it)
        3. Top up your usd balance
        4. Select card type
        5. Make payment
        6. Then come back to this page and click book now/add to cart/checkout and select the Pay Using Visa/MasterCard and more option and click pay button then now this time when Payeer loads select Payeer USD as payment and now you should be able to login and pay using the earlier topped up USD.

        video tutorial how to pay using any Visa or Mastercard by selecting the Pay Using Visa/MasterCard and more option;

        Once you have reach last step in the video you need to comeback to this same web page and then select the package again and then adjust cart to 1 product and update it and then checkout and select Payeer option again and click pay button then now this time when Payeer loads select Payeer USD as payment and now you should be able to login and pay using the earlier topped up USD.

        If you select Pay using bank transfer or deposit;

        Method 2;

          1. First go to this link by copy paste it or just click it
          2. Then create your account there and in refferal code coloumn you can add K2Q2GU05 so that you get a 5% discount of payment gateway fees.(For this method person that pays is the one that should have the account made under but student can help create it using parents related details and docs and use it)
          3. After create account it will ask to verify using driving license, NIC, passport etc. Choose an ID type which is in English so it will get verified in like 5-120 minutes. During verification the robot/automated process may also ask for face verification by simply using your camera can complete it.
          4. Then once verified now you can use the account.
          5. Now hover over the Trade tab
          6. Then select p2p
          7. In this new page check if under fiat it is showing as or your country currency and then next to buy/sell buttons select BTC tab
          8. Now come back to this product page and begin checkout by click book now and then select pay using local bank transfer option then click button at bottom and then you will see the amount you need to pay us in BTC. So then to this amount you have to add 0.0002BTC on top since it is gateway fees, example you saw you need pay 0.00134BTC to us then when add network fee you will need 0.00154BTC. After we did this calculation please click back button so that the transaction timer will not run out after below steps done we will come back here.
          9. Now go back to earlier page where u selected BTC tab in p2p and from the offers you see check the limit section and see if it below the amount you are trying to pay. Example you need to pay us 0.00154BTC with network then check if limit showing as below 0.00154BTC equivalent in your local currency and select offer by clicking Buy BTC green button. If you don’t have online banking check if offer has indicated in blue text if Cash deposit to bank can be done(We don’t recommend atm deposit much since you will have time limit once select offer to complete it).
          10. Afer select offer as above a blank space called “I will recieve ” will come to enter amount you need to pay us so in this enter any value above 0.0012BTC because minimum allowed transaction on this platform is 0.001BTC and network/gateway fee when you do withdraw later will be 0.0002BTC.  Also read the instructions of the offer as well and click Buy BTC and enter sellers bank details in your online banking to transfer your money as per the indicated value shown on screen to the person who has made offer and get your BTC.
          11. Once you have transfer in right hand side chat function you have to upload screenshot of payment done and then click the I paid button and wait till seller release your BTC
          12. Once seller mark order completed now comeback to this page(our product page) and select Pay using bank transfer or deposit option and begin checkout and then system will show you a BTC address copy it.
          13. Go back to earlier page and then hover over the wallet tab in header and then select the funding wallet option
          14. Now you should see amount you have got under BTC and near that there is 3 horizontal dots click it and select withdraw option
          15. Now paste address you copied earlier.
          16. Enter amount as per step 8 calculation that is amount shown on our checkout page +  gateway/network fee and then click withdraw and complete any verifications.
          17. Then after it show done come back to our checkout page and system will auto check if payment recieved and then it will generate your class link which will expire automatically as per number of classes for which you have paid here after use so next class for which payment is due simply repeat same above process to get class links.
      1. Method 3;
        1. Click book now/add to cart/checkout and select the Alipay/Wechat option
        2. Then simply click checkout/pay ignoring the first empty space
        3. Then it will show instructions and urls for both the related payment methods
        4. Go to either of the url and add the account and make transfer
        5. Comeback and see the order id and now enter into blank space and complete order

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